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Athletic Policies & Procedures

Participation in the athletic programs sponsored by the School of Saint Elizabeth is a privilege provided to students to assist in their physical, social, and moral development. All students are expected to comply with the general requirements of good sportsmanship and with any specific regulations or directives that may be issued from time-to-time by the school administration.

All students wishing to participate must have all required athletic forms and physicals up to date. A student’s failure to comply with all requirements may prevent participation in athletic programs.

Parents/guardians and other family members and friends are encouraged to attend and support student athletic endeavors. This attendance must always be done in compliance with our school Code of Conduct, the spirit of sportsmanship and any specific regulations or directives issued by the school administration or league. If the speech or actions of a parent, guardian or spectator are deemed inappropriate, the individual(s) may be prohibited from attendance at school sponsored athletic events. School of St. Elizabeth may also issue specific regulations regarding the speech and actions of coaches and other volunteers.


Participation is open to boys and girls in grades 3-8; no prior experience is necessary to join a team. Saints student athletes should value their commitment to the team and make every effort to participate in all scheduled practices and games. If you are unable to attend a practice or a game you must contact your coach 24 hours in advance.

Practice and game schedules are provided by team coaches and may include both weekday and weekend commitments.


All parents wishing to coach will be required to participate in Virtus-Protecting God’s Children workshop, a mandatory coaching clinic and also undergo a background check. Coaching guidelines will be distributed in the form of a contract with our school where coaching ethics and are school philosophy are clearly outlined.